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While buying a home is exciting, it can also be nerve racking.  Knowing the steps is often helpful to alleviate some of the worry. Below are just some of the steps in the home buying process but we provide our home buying clients with an in depth timeline/guideline brochure so you'll know what to expect.


Deciding where you want to live.  Our wonderful state offers so much to choose from whether it be a condo at the beach, a house on Lake Norman, or a cabin in the mountains.​ 


Being prepared to buy by getting approved for a loan or having the cash on hand from equity in your current home.


Choosing a qualified REALTOR to help you in the home buying process.  ​The "Working With Real Estate Agents" disclosure is helpful in explaining the various ways an agent can work with you as a buyer and also for you to know how that agent is working with you.  It's  also a state mandated form.


Searching for homes and viewing property is probably the most fun part of it, especially when seeing buyers faces light up when taken into the perfect home.


Making and negotiating an offer.  Once accepted then the fun really begins: Picking an attorney, having a home inspection, and getting homeowners insurance are just some of the things needed for smooth sailing towards closing.


Closing on your home and getting the keys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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