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Paul Busa Broker Headshot

(617)-543-4247 Direct 

Raised minutes from Boston, Paul is an Air Force Veteran and a retired civilian fire-fighter. Paul was medically retired from the Air Force nine months after the attacks on 9/11. Paul was then injured during a 3-alarm fire in 2008 and was medically retired after back surgery in 2010. Paul also coached college baseball for several seasons. He then moved with his family to Mooresville, NC, in 2011, where he continued to stay busy in baseball as a coach and an Associate Scout for the Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros. Paul eagerly jumped into real estate with a desire to help the public once again. "I was wronged on a couple of real estate purchases and wanted to make sure I could prevent that from happening to anyone else. Real Estate purchases are scary enough...your broker should be the one protecting you. I got into real estate because I truly wanted to help people."

Paul has four kids that are all involved in the community with sports, school and church activities.

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